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Ghost Rider

I pulled a 4 star ghost rider and i can seem to figure out why he is god tier or really high in the tier list. What do his judgements do exactly? Do they just boost his abilities? or am i missing something.

Just explain GR to me.


  • ShrikeTzuShrikeTzu Posts: 13
    Google Frontline MCOC, find the site, there is a big red button that says menu, press it, look for the option for guides, click that... there is a list of guides for champs. He did GR just recently and it's a good guide.
  • kfd2010kfd2010 Posts: 305 ★★
    Here's my take on GR, which may not be popular

    He's not a high tier champ right out of the crystal

    He needs to be duped to get that fury curse to get some extra attack. And really, he needs the Blade synergy to guarantee all the curses apply. Nothing worse than playing him and failing on placing a curse multiple times in a row.

    Even then, he's not a great champ if you like dealing continually high damage. But you can decide which curses are on for the longest trigger those later to help you. And he is still one of the best regeneration champs in the game
  • PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 551 ★★★
    Ghost Rider is a great utility champion, with a reliable regen ability he's a great choice for general path clearing and, as a bleed immune, has added utility for bleed paths (and related nodes like Caltrops & Biohazard).

    From there he's a relative swiss-army knife and you can tune his abilities to get the best benefit of the particular ability that you want to utilise, by using the other judgements first. He's a Jack of all trades in this regards, and definitely master of none - I would never take him into a fight where I needed serious power control, for example, but he can do some of that.

    I would say he's not an end-game champion, but a very solid mid-to-late-game one.

    The dupe helps, both with damage output from the fury and with judgement extension due to an extra one, but it's definitely not necessary.

    Mine's R4, I doubt I'll ever take him to R5 but he's a constant presence in AQ and a very useful teammate with Blade for the two-way synergy boost.
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