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Looking for an Alliance AW

Looking for an alliance typically running map 5, some 4 would be okay. AW would be a priority, especially diversity.


  • DarthFigmentDarthFigment Posts: 27
    Hi. Perhaps you’d be a good fit for our alliance, CHAØS. Here’s info about us:

    We are a relaxed group that strives to strike a balance between real life and enjoying the game. We keep things fun, respectful, and manageable and are a good fit for a player who logs in several times a day but does not want to feel the 24/7 pressure of higher maps.

    Line is required. We have been on the bubble between Gold 1 and Gold 2 and are aiming to solidify a spot in Gold 1. Donations are not required. We use a mix of heroic and master modifiers in AQ, with maps 445, for the 170m milestone and t2 fragments as honor rewards.

    An ideal candidate has over 9k prestige, has an assortment of r4 5* and 6* champs for attack and defense, can handle mini bosses and bosses in AQ/AW, is working on or already has the Cavalier title, and is a good communicator. If this interests you, please contact DarthFigment on Line and send the following:

    1) your time zone
    2) your level of experience with AW and AQ
    3) a few screenshots of your roster

  • NosiemNosiem Posts: 133
    Message me on Line: nosiem
    Alliance tag is GLOME

    Let's chat and see how it goes
  • SonlokuSonloku Posts: 10
    15mil Silver 1 ally here.. almost gold3! Runing map5/3 or 5/4 2 bgs war hit me up! Line : sonloku
  • Cage_1Cage_1 Posts: 202
    We're a 29 member, 24mil PI alliance looking for 1 player who can reliably handle 5x Map 5 (with potential for Map 6 on day 1-2 every now and then) - and we're just starting getting involved in AW again, now that the holidays are over.

    Who We Are:
    We're a group of folks who love the game and play as a hobby. Not a job. Jobs are jobs. Families are [like] jobs. We get it. The game is supposed to be fun, and we like to keep it that way! We've kept this philosophy for 4 years and have been going strong!

    Who We're Looking For:
    In general, you're going to need >500k PI with at least 4 solid 5* Rank 4 champs (and at least 1-2 5*r5 champs) for simultaneous AQ and AW attack. There are obviously exceptions depending on who your champs are and how well you play (e.g. can you clear your lane?). Most folks are Level 60, uncollected, working on Cavalier (if not Cavalier already). Preference given to those with real Map 5x5 experience. More preference given to those with some Map 6 experience even more preference if you can do some damage against Map 6 mini-bosses. However, most preference is given to folks who mesh well with our casual style: we enjoy the game but realize that sometimes "Real Life" requires we miss out a bit (e.g. jobs, children, camping trips) - and that's ok! Do NOT message us if you believe that “there is always time for MCOC - no excuses!” because that’s not us. Life happens, and we deal with it.

    We are based in North America - so please ensure you can play during our peak play times. We do have two folks from Brazil, and one or two in England - so we're open to anyone, but for Map 6, it will be critical that you are able to log in occasionally to quickly play during the day (e.g. bring down a node), including last minute pushes to complete maps (ends 1500 EST).

    For AQ:
    We put up 170+ mil running 55555, 55555, and 44444 with Master Modifiers. On some weeks, BG1 runs 66555 if we have commitment from 10 people for Map 6. But our hope is to have BG1 running 66555 consistently (that’s where you come in!).

    For AW:
    Last season we didn't focus on AW at all - we did only 1 wargroup and went Bronze. This season, we ran 2 wargroups and got back to Gold 3 already. For two groups, we rotate our 30 players evenly (so everyone wars at least twice a week) - no stacking of groups. Next season, we’ll target Gold 2 and raise our tier; if we have enough progress, we'll see if we can do 3 wargroups the season afterwards and get to Gold 1.

    The Rest:
    We have NO event minimums (but we DO strongly prefer that everyone put up at least 1 point (literally!) for Alliance Events so we can all share rewards and get those extra boosts! We generally put up in the 20-40% for SA without even trying (with 5-20% every now and then). Finally, donations are "suggested", not required: 5k/2k/2k (our treasury is plush). We never kick anyone for not donating (a lot of our younger players are building up rosters so are gold-poor - that's ok!), but we do want to see everyone contributing something (1 gold every week is as important to us as 100k every four weeks).

    We exclusively use Line to communicate. If you have never used it, we're happy to show you how. Most folks will silence the chats except for their relevant AQ/AW battlegroup chat - which is strictly business (e.g. AQ movement, AW path declaring). The main chat is friendly, but no requirements to be chatty (our strongest/oldest members are the quietest). Never religion. Never politics. PG-13 language/memes in case our kids get ahold of our phones.

    We do a 2-week no-obligation, no-donation trial period - either side can part ways, no questions asked! We've been around for 4 years and are looking forward to growing the family!

    Alliance: TeamTardis-5280
    Alliance Tag: 5280T
    In-game Name: MD PhD
    Line ID: 1maxq
  • OnkyOnky Posts: 101
    My alliance is solid. No drama no donation, no minimums, just take care of aq and aw and the rest is your speed. We run tier 7-8 for war, gold 1-2. We will finish gold 2 but had a couple setbacks. We run 54444, and about 140 mil for Sometimes 55444. 500-750k for SA, lots of growth, but still very chill. I'm very involved and organized, lots of veteran players.Mostly USA based team. Only707 on line app
  • Reign668Reign668 Posts: 81
    Aq score range 150 to 160 mil, maps 554×5
    War 2 bgs in season, 1 bg of season
    Line is required
    Hit me up if interested and we can answer some more questions.
  • DrkaraDrkara Posts: 4
    Hi. We might be A good fit for you. G3 AW, AQ 543. I specifically focus on allis diversity. We average mid to high 140’s. Contact me line ID- DrWey
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