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Mutant Rank-Up Gem

LexSaviLexSavi Posts: 14
edited February 14 in Strategy and Tips
Finished Variant 4 and got a rank 4 to 5 Mutant gem. Now I’m a little stuck on who to use it on. Options include:

Colossus (Sig 80),
Havok (Sig 160)
Iceman (Sig 200)
Sunspot (Sig 40) or
Wait for Namor (enough gems to R5 and awaken if I ever pull him)

Am Cavalier, and need to finish exploration of Act 6, Variant 1,2, and 3, LoL and AOL. Solid AW defender would also be a benefit.

Leaning toward Colossus for the utility by way of his immunities (especially incinerate immunity). Havok is a close second for similar utility. All the options seem to have reasonable damage output except maybe Iceman, but I do need a poison immune in my roster. I also keep wondering if Sunspot might have some use in AOL due to his damage output and perfect block ability.

TLDR: Stuck on which mutant to take to R5 with a gem. Any thoughts, opinions or insights are greatly appreciated.


  • CASrinivasCASrinivas Posts: 200
    Whomever You are Comfortable with Playing....He should be Ranked Up...
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