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[CHAOS] Heart of Darkness Recruiting Two (2) Summoners for Gold 1/2, AQ 445x5

First off min requirements to apply:
9k+ Prestige
Active not lazy

About us:
In competitiveness, we are middle of the road: we are not "retirement"; we do our best to win what we play.
That being said, we require 0 donations; there are NO event mins. Just show up, play, have fun.
SA target is 500k+
AQ we put up about 180,000,000 points for rank 1701-2200 plus Honor Milestone 9 (18,000) for 1440 T2A Fragments
AW, during seasons, we ask everyone to do their very best to win: max diversity; boost; heal; assigned lanes
All of us have been playing for years and we expect everyone to pitch in and do their part FTW

Everyone is an officer so anyone can start AQ...schedule posted in line.

If you sound like the right fit, contact @dukezmanaz on Line with your profile screenshot and roster screenshots.
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