Summoners, we are aware of some issues currently affecting Dungeons, and possibly other parts of the game. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible, and will address the knock ons when we are sure this is all resolved.

5 open spots!


We've gone from unranked to silver 2 after winning 11 straight in AW. Pushing for gold in season 16. AQ we're running map 4 with heroic mods with map 5 in the near future. SA scores are extremely high.

We focus on perfect diversity and attack bonus in AW. We communicate well, very organized, very positive. No toxicity whatsoever. Every BG has 3 or 4 boss killers so no one single member carries too large a burden. Join us!

Line required. Line ID: i....doom (all lowercase)


  • IDoomIDoom Posts: 30
    3 or 4 spots left. Still looking for good people to join.
  • TalhamazizTalhamaziz Posts: 56
    Total AQ event score?
  • Jeremybird hmu
  • IDoomIDoom Posts: 30
    Total AQ score around the 145mil area with 3 full bg's. Just need a few more talhamaziz
  • IDoomIDoom Posts: 30
    Couldn't find you Jeremy. Please reach out to me on the line app
  • IDoomIDoom Posts: 30
    2 spots left. I would love to add an officer or teaching type player to the roster. Help us hit gold in season 16!
  • BpmanusBpmanus Posts: 41
    You guys need line? I have 1 that doesn't use it but the other 2 do. 270k, 400k, and 470k if interested let me know
  • IDoomIDoom Posts: 30
    Bpmanus, I can't accommodate all 3 players right now. I've only got 1 spot left. If only I knew 2 days ago.
  • IDoomIDoom Posts: 30
    1 spot left! Lol
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