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LF Map6 AQ players for casual-AW team

Fuzzy_Fuzzy_ Posts: 21
edited February 14 in Alliance Recruitment
We are a team of experienced players (taking a break from Platinum 4 AW). Want to focus on AQ Map6, with the minimum AW needed to get loyalty rewards to cover AQ costs.

Recruits must LIKE playing this game and should have AQ Map 5 experience. We can show players how to grow and get to expert level (Map6|Plat4), but only if they are having fun! To us, that means you probably already log in 3-4 times a day and likely are not offline for more than 12hrs.  Recruits also should be ambitious to complete monthly quests to grow their accounts. 

Side Benefit: If you can excel here, we recruit into a more dedicated team from within our family.   We are creating a family of alliances to allow AQ Map 6 players take a break into a Map 5 team, for Map 6 players to get into Platinum AW, and to allow us to better recruit from within the family. You can also reach out about membership there. Or we have a Map4 team too, and a map 2/3 team!). Our main team "[GFYSS] Cabal" shows the strength of our gameplay (a Plat 4 | Map 6 alliance). 

Please message me on Line app: Gestorter


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