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Gold alliance looking for experienced player with Line

We're an active alliance running 554,554,544,544,544 quest and 2 war groups. We use line and need some good natured experienced folks to join.

Message me on Line as Nesheck_40342 or in game as Nesheck.



  • NesheckNesheck Posts: 46
    To add a bit more about us, we hit 100mil in quest each week and have room to move beyond that with the right players added.

    We're a close knit group that exists to enjoy the comradere this game can offer.
    We're US based but have a few members from around the world.

    About you -
    You should be active multiple times a day to check in and move in war and quest.
    Good natured and not looking to be a jerk to team members.
    We really need a couple boss and mini boss killers or folks capable of doing that
    Line is required and used almost exclusively for communication.
  • TalhamazizTalhamaziz Posts: 56
    Ign and line: talhamaziz
  • NesheckNesheck Posts: 46
    Still looking for 2 experienced active players with Line.
  • NesheckNesheck Posts: 46
    We're now looking for 1. Prefer 5000 prestige to help with map 5s. We generally hit100 mil in quest each series and if you're interested hit me up. Nesheck_40342

    Thank you.
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