Would like some advice and possible counters

So I'm in the middle of 100% act 5 and come across a fight which is a massive difficulty spike ,due to spidergwens revamp. Any possible ideas would be appreciated. For all those wondering this particular spidergwen is in 5.4.3 ,far right hand side
I'm just stumped ,and not the best player in the world by far. What do you all think ?


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    Do you have any skill champs who can counter her evade? Or anyone who can damage passively?

    Best counter of all is Venom (totally shuts down her evasion for the whole match).
    Proxima can shut down evade, and Heal Block. So can IMIW (at least he'll reduce the evasion); and Void can go one better and reverse evasion and healing.

    Champs who can Slow - Stealth Spidey, She-Hulk (can also Petrify)

    Other Skill champs - Agent Venom, Kingpin, Taskmaster, Killmonger.

    Don't try and use Corvus with Proxima synergy - SG will remove his True Strike buff.

    As for the fight itself, make sure you use Bane to help you win - it can do the fighting for you:
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