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Quake as a AW boss



  • Quake is weak that would be a crappy boss.
  • R4GER4GE Posts: 1,530 ★★★★
    KingOfMcoc wrote: »
    Run477 wrote: »
    Quake is not a good defender against more skilled players. In tier 11 though at 4* r5, she's probably a good option (but that has to do more with the general skill player/lack of r5 attackers than it does quake's defensive prowess). None of the others you mentioned should be even on defense except agent venom and maybe strange on unblockable l2 (tile 19--in tier 11, he will probably destroy there but maybe strange does well other places in tier 11, who knows).

    I would be looking at duped juggernaut, duped dormamu, duped magik, duped spidey, and nightcrawler (unduped better) for bosses and minibosses.

    Strange on 43?
    No. It doesnt increase his power gain. Magik is a heavy fav there. Been seeing Hyperion there a lot as well now.
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