Opinions on who to rank up

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Hey all! I'm not in a big alliance so materials are scarcer for me than others. Want to make the best move here. I am currently on act 5.4.5 (Mephisto). I don't spend $$ on the game but I do the monthly event to get at least the 1k 6* shards ect. I also don't have suicides. Should I wait a bit longer and take a 6* to r3 or rank up one of my others? I do have a rank 3 colossus I like a lot but I could take 2x 5* from rank 4-5 for roughly the same I would cost to take him rank 3-5. Any help is appreciated!


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    I did 5.4 with a 4/55 vtd synergy team+ 4/55 domino (both unawakened). It took me 2 revives with domino to take down mephisto. I used vtd to go down the path. You dont need to rank anyone up but if I were you I'd rank up corvus
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    Solo’d memphisto with quake very easy
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