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Who should I rank up next?

So I made a topic yesterday and I think I was a little unclear. I'd like to know those who have made Cavalier what your opinions are on who I should rank up next. I am not in a very big alliance, so resources are semi scarce. I also do not spend money on the game, so what I get from the monthly EQ and arena grinding is what have to work with for materials/units. I just got my second six star with Sentinel yesterday. I am going to try and make a push for Cavalier hopefully in the near future.(just hit act 6) I have 2 tier 5 basic catalysts at the moment. Should I wait and rank up either Sentinel or IMIW? Or should I focus on colossus or one of the other ones I can take up right now? I love my Corvus but I just don't see him doing the type of damage that needs to be done on the bosses with 400k health or more. My Quake, Dr. Voodoo, CV, Thing are all 4/55. Colossus is rank 3. Thanks in advance!!


  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,803 ★★★★★
    Don't worry about taking your 6* to rank 2 right now. Corvus was my first rank 5 and he helped me a lot in 6.1. I would work on ranking up capiw or shehulk once u get the resources.
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