Parry Mastery: Description Update and Core Refund

Greetings Summoners,

Thanks to reports from within the Community, we have identified a discrepancy between the in-game description and the functionality of the Parry Mastery.

The Parry Mastery does not provide a bonus to the base Stun Duration past what you receive at Rank 1. Ranks 2 and 3 provide a longer potential Stun Duration that increases with your Perfect Block chance. Ranks 2 and 3 also reduce the amount of damage taken when a Parry is performed, per the in-game description.

The in-game description will be updated to the following to clarify this functionality:

“A well-timed Block right when attacked reduces damage by an additional 15%/20%/25%. If contact is made by basic attacks, inflict a Stun Debuff for 1 second(s). Stun duration increases by up to 0.5/0.7/1.0 second(s) with Perfect Block Chance.”

All Combat in the game is balanced around the duration of the Stun received from Parry, and we cannot extend the duration of the stun to match the current in-game description without severely changing the balance of the game.

Please note that the bonus Stun Duration provided by Stupefy is working as intended.

We want to give all players who chose to invest in Parry the ability to change their minds and to allocate those points where they please. Starting today, the Parry Mastery will no longer cost Stony Mastery cores, and the Unit Cost of those cores will be refunded to all Summoners that invested in Ranks 2 and 3. Rank 1 was already previously refunded.

We plan to refund the Mastery Core costs to Summoners before February 26th and will give all Summoners a chance to reset their Masteries for free between February 19th and 26th.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we worked to resolve this issue.
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