Grow with us!

2.4mm Alliance looking for 5 summoners to grow with our alliance. Ideal player has base hero rating of 100k minimum and is willing to use Line app if you do not already. We do not consider ourselves elite players, but would like to get there! Alliance wars and alliance quests are required. Msg if you are interested. Our alliance tag is MxMEF if you want to check us out.


  • SoPHArGoneSoPHArGone Posts: 1
    Hi I'm am actively looking to join an alliance. I have 8 4*champs 2 awakened all rank 3. I don't have line but I am a very active player I hope to hear back soon
  • schwarzdvdschwarzdvd Posts: 53
    Hi SoPHarGone! Thanks for the reply. We love active players, but we really need everyone to use line as it is how we communicate and coordinate our attacks during Alliance wars. Please post your Summoner name so I can check out your profile
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