Magik Broken Scenario

So not sure if anyone else has had this experience but here goes:

Was fighting a Kang Team 5* Magik with my 5/50 Duped 25 4* Dormammu. Whenever I would land a combo ender and supposed to power drain her she would proc power steal, but wait it gets even more broken. I reached L2 and used it on her and she was power locked but apparently she reversed all the power that should have been drained because she went from little power not power locked to more than 2 bars of power and power locked. I really wish I was recording that because it was truly laughable how broken she and several other champs are currently.

Device: iPhone 6
OS: 10.3.3
Arena: T4 Basic Match 12
Time of Day (Not that this will help or maybe it will who knows): 10:30pm CST


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