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Possibly looking for a new ally

Hey all.

I was leader of a gold 2 map 5 ally but we ended up disbanding. I joined a new ally but a fair few players are not active. Can't even 100% 2bg wars and maps 543.

Ideally looking for a uk ally although us or European allys will be fine due to time differences.

I am looking to play only, no leadership and no officer status. Just log in play without any stress.

I need an ally that carries out 3 bgs in both war and quest. Ideally gold 1 or 2 although could try plat and map 4 or 5.
I am often a war boss killer depending on the boss.

Want an ally that 100% all wars and quests.

Very important to me is a souns structure to the ally......set battlegroups that you stay in.......war diversity at 100% ect.

I am a very active player on my days off work. When I am at work I can take 5 min breaks here and there to get onto war and quest.

If you want to talk to me then add me on line at connor892 and I can show you my champs and answer any questions.

Speak soon.


  • AlmurichAlmurich Posts: 90
    If you haven't found what you are looking for - we might be it. Fairly relaxed.
    We require AW and AQ, but no line or donate. We run map4 - but might do 1 map 5.
    We are gold3 but should be able to get to gold2.

    Players are self directed. We use a website to keep our diversity high.
    Tho - I can enter in defenders for anyone who has trouble using it.
    Group of solid players.
    WE are SoSSq -
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