Donations History Tab

It would be very helpful to have a way to see last week's donations after the reset for the new week. With it ending in the middle of the night for many alliances, it can be difficult to keep tabs on the freeloaders and the double donators. Maybe a History Tab next to the View All tab on the Treasury screen that shows last week's alliance member donations. Even if it's only available to view for the first 48 hours of the cycle. Just a thought/suggestion.


  • lcmjerllcmjerl Posts: 4
    I agree, as a leader, I'm doing donation tracking, and it is very hard to achieve with the tool we have in the game.
    I have some suggestion (depending if you have the data already in the db):

    - A last week donation status (same presentation than the current ongoing week, but a snapshoot just before the reset to zero ).
    - A lifetime donation status (same presentation, but showing ever ending cumulative donation for each member since he join the alliance.)
    - Since our alliance is mainly only running map5: free map5 for all, you did reduce the cost considerably, why not go all the way!
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