Relaxed Alliance looking for active players


We have a few spots open – We are an Alliance looking for a few more active players.
We’re are pretty relaxed but intend to progress / improve constantly.

Here a few stats:

Alliance War: Season 15 - Bronze2
Alliance Quest: Map 2

We participate in every AW or AQ with at least one Battle group but it is optional for the Members.

Alliance Prestige: 3221
Average Member Rating: 130.783
Member LVs: 30-60

No Line App / No Donations necessary

Everybody is welcome with no restrictions regarding starting player level / prestige or minimum base hero rating. We all had to start at a low level at one point and an alliance can definitely help with the progress.

The only rule we do have: All players need to be active somewhere in the game and tribute this way to the alliance event goals or AQ/AW. (Either one is fine and not all are needed.) Just play what you like and in the amount of what fits your lifestyle best. Just be active in the game. We do kick members if they are more than 14 days offline without letting us know beforehand.

Sounds interesting for you?

Then add me for asking more questions or join our Alliance

Alliance tag: KR33!
Alliance Name: The Terran Kree
My IGN: Greyblue42
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