Looking for alliance

IGN/Line: wetrx
Hero Rating: 216,955
From: Europe
Top champions: Cap America WW2 5/50, Rouge 4/40, Ghost Rider 4/40, Karnak 4/40.
Finished ROL, Have max deep wound, assassin and 4/5 Mystic dispersion. Defenders Magik 4/40 dupe, Juggs 4/40 dupe, Mordo 4/40 dupe, Nightcrawler 4/40.
Looking for active alliance which does map 5 a lot.


  • KC_21KC_21 Posts: 110
    Message centrifuge on line.
  • TheremonTheremon Posts: 62
    We're looking for a player or 2. Map 5 every day in Expert tier. Trying to improve AW, bouncing between tier 7/8. Arenas aren't required. Find me in game or in Line.
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