Alliance Quest Season 7: Latverian Infiltration

You’ve put an end to the Mad Titan’s Wrath! But now, there are reports that Doctor Doom has taken over a part of the Battlrealm. Your Alliance is needed to investigate the situation. Prepare for a Lateverian Infiltration!

It’s once again time to refresh Alliance Quests with new Challenges, and a refresh to the Glory Store, because Season 7 of Alliance Quests Starts March 22nd!

New Encounters, Boss and Minibosses

At the end of your expedition into Latveria, you’ll be faced with the ruler of the Nation, Doctor Doom! You’ll find him across all 7 Maps, but as he takes the Boss spot, we’ll be changing some of the Minibosses across all of the Maps.

Map 1: Swapped Guillotine for Diablo
Map 2: Swapped Vision for Namor
Map 3: Swapped King Groot for Squirrel Girl
Map 4: Swapped Proxima Midnight for Silver Surfer
Map 5: Swapped Hyperion for Human Torch, Scarlet Witch for Mr Fantastic
Map 6: Swapped Dormammu for Nova, Ebony Maw for Invisible Woman
Map 7: Swapped Omega Red for Thing

Click here for an enlarged version.

There will also be a refresh of some of the encounters and buffs throughout the Maps.

A New Variation for Map 6:

For the first time ever, we’ve added Variations to Map 6! That means that you can look forward to a more dynamic series of Challenges.

New Minions:

Say goodbye to Drones, Sentinels, and Symbioids. Doom has no use for them when he has an army of Doom Bots! Doom Bots will be taking the place of all 3 of these Minions at launch. Symbioids and Ultron Drones will return in the future.

More Alliance Quest Modifiers

We’re adding 3 more possible Alliance Quest Modifiers to the pool of Modifiers for each of the 3 difficulties. Your Alliance will still only be able to choose out of 5 Modifiers each week, but they will be randomly selected out of the 8 Available.

Normal Buffs
- Critical Resistance (20%): The Defender gains +20% Critical Resistance Rating from the start of the fight.
- Energy Resistance (40%): The Defender gains +40% Energy Resistance Rating from the start of the fight.
- Power Focus 2: The Opponent's Critical Rating is increased by up to {25}%, based on their current Power.

Heroic Buffs
- Force of Will: The Defender is Immune to Ability Accuracy Modification.
- Hit Me, I Dare You: When Struck the Defender gains a Chitin Charge. At 10 all Charges are Removed and the Defender gains an Armor Up Buff increasing Armor by 50% lasting 30 seconds.
- Tranquility - 2: Every 20 seconds, all Buffs and Debuffs are removed from both Champions and both Champions are reset to 0 Power.

Master Buffs
- Explosive Personality: When the Defender Blocks an attack, they activate an Armor Up Buff, boosting Armor by 25%. Upon reaching 5 stacks of Armor Up generated by Explosive Personality, Armor Up stacks explode and remove 25% of the Attacker's Max Health.
- Kinetic Transference - 2: Blocked attacks cause the Defender to gain 7.5% Power. If the Blocked attack dealt 0 damage, the amount of Power gained is doubled.
- Personal Space: While the Attacker is close to the Defender, the Defender gains a Fury Buff every 3 seconds, increasing their attack by 10% permanently. Staying far away from the Defender causes these Fury effects to gradually fall off.

Rewards and Glory Store Update:

A new season means time for an update to Rewards and the Glory Store! The majority of the changes here are an update to the Glory Store, but there are some changes to Rank Rewards as well, such as the addition of some T5CC Fragments to the Top End of Rank Rewards!

A lot of the Mid Tier Rewards have been spread out among lower ranks, but don’t worry Alliances at the higher end of the Ranks, you’ll still have better access to them more than ever with the latest update to the Glory Store!

There are now 2 variations of the Glory Store, one for those that have become Uncollected/Cavalier, and one for those that have not yet made it that far.

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