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Legends Run EQ

Was just wondering from people who have gotten the Legend title from EQ, how many Energy refills to save up. Also I feel it's kinda messed up that you can run for it again after already winning one. After the Christmas event and Labyrinth a lot of summoners have R3 6*, while most summoners don't.


  • DeaconVelvetDeaconVelvet Posts: 3,141 ★★★★★
    edited March 2020
    hmmm i used 30 when i did it ... on top of about 20 small energy refills i had. somewhere around there. the rule of thumb is at least 40 energy refills should do the trick.

    and yes repeated runs make zero sense after already having won it but whatcha gonna do ya know. BUT don't even bother trying it if you don't think you can do it under 3 hours.
  • MyersVoorhesMyersVoorhes Posts: 26
    @DeaconVelvet thanks. I for sure think I can get it done in under 3 hours. I appreciate the feedback.
  • DeaconVelvetDeaconVelvet Posts: 3,141 ★★★★★
    no worries anytime. good luck.
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