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Class based mastery revamp

Hi all I'm sure like me everyone reading this will be as bored as I am of always facing mystic dispersion in alliance wars and I'm also sure like me most have jumped on the same band waggon and have put points in mystic dispersion themselves this is because it's the only one worth investing points in. Please please kabam look at the other class mastery and bring them in line with md so they are useful ( leave mystic dispersion as is BTW) my suggestions are as follows mutant : a serum that works on all negative buffs posion degen bleed blah blah blah science : increased science based abilities by x% so abomination better posion hulk more powerful attack spidey... You get the idea cosmic : same as it is now but is should work on all amour not just amour up skill :should Inc a critical hit boost alongside the ignore amour it has now tech: power drain / steal not just inhibit their power gain. Please anyone else have a better l St of suggested mastery for skill science tech cosmic and mutant please post them. I'm so bored of mystic dispersion event though I have it lvl4.


  • If kabam really wants to encourage a more diverse war defence and a wider use of champions then a revamp of the totally useless class mastery needs to happen.
  • And how do I change my avatar... Spidergwen.. Lmao
  • I agree the other classes need revamping. In mystic they took what made them good, dealing with/nullifying buffs, and improved it. The other classes need that also
  • Thanks for speaking up Jeff. It's my understanding that the new war map will have class specific Nodes in it effectively making all the time and effort so many players have spent ranking mystic champs and unlocking md lvl 4 or 5 for the best defence they can make less effective and while I agree it needs to be done I also think players should have a option of making the other classes just as effective and in a more diverse way
  • Player9876Player9876 Posts: 32
    This would only make certain lesser used champs better and benefit everyone. More incentive to rank up champs with the new diversity ****.

    Great idea. Keep em coming.
  • Hello fire.
  • Yea I agree. Getting real bored of facing the same champs every war and Magik always being the boss the has gotten old. Its not even much of challenge any more.
  • Thanks Edwin.. I see lots of people asking for a md nurf which is pointless and insulting to the community imo there's ways around high mystic dispersion of F your willing to spend the time practicing so imo bringing the other class mastery up to a lvl where a player has no clear choice which is best to use will add something to the game rather than taking something away
  • I agree with you. They definitely need to look at those class masteries. The only ones I've heard people using are MD, Tech Collar and Pure Skill, but people say the skill one isn't what it used to be.
  • CRBiggs75 wrote: »
    I agree with you. They definitely need to look at those class masteries. The only ones I've heard people using are MD, Tech Collar and Pure Skill, but people say the skill one isn't what it used to be.

    Pure skill is completely useless after 12.0 even though kabam keeps denying it in order to avoid refunding units or actually fixing it
  • A decent crit boost added to pure skill would probably sort it out or make it work on all hits not just critical ones
  • unknownunknown Posts: 378
    we keep hearing kabam preach to us they keep doing ridiculous changes to keep the game balanced. Well kabam, here's your chance to show us its not all talk. Either nerf MD or bump up every mastery class to be as useful and powerful as MD. If you can't do this, then you are full of it when you say you want a fair and balanced game.
  • Md in no way needs to be nurffed imo there would be a uproar lol but I'm sure kabam thinks if they increase the other class mastery to be just as useful and powerful they'd only be adding to the problem they have of champ usage and diversity this couldn't be further from the truth. There's not enough mastery points for people to put points in more than 1maybe 2 class mastery at a decent lvl. I'm a 300k+ 2year player and its frustrating that everyone wants and uses the same champs if no class had a clear advantage over another then players wouldn't be frustrated at not pulling decent mystic champs and not getting the rank up materiels they want instead they can tailor their mastery to the champs they do possess
  • Speak up people lol
  • Would be nice to get a post from a mod on this issue I feel is genuinely constructive
  • So that's a no then lol
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