21 Mil Ally LF 1 Active player for Map 5 & 6, War Silver 1 trying to get to Gold 2/3, line required

About us. As stated we are a 21Mil US Based Alliance that does Map 5 & Map 6. We also do 2bg wars during the war season and take 2 weeks off during the War off-season. Here is a breakdown of what we do and do not do.

Requirements: have the Line app for communication during AQ and AW.

Be active to help out your fellow teammates. If you cannot be active in a timely manner just communicate as such to your BG group you are in so your teammates are aware of why you are joining late or if something came up outside of the game.

Must donate to the Treasury every week by 9pm PST or 12am EST depending on what is easier for you as a player to remember.
Currently our Donations Amounts are Gold: 75k, Loyalty: 5k; Battlechips: 0 now because in the past 2 weeks we have just started working on Map 6 in 1 bg these amounts will be getting adjusted but relatively not by much I am hoping.

Must do your best to be active as soon as AQ and AW start so to help out with teammates in different Time Zones. We are a diverse group made up mostly USA/Canada with some UK/Asia Players too so our time zones definitely differ quite a bit but it has worked to our benefit so far. Again if work, family or something else is going on that of course will take priority over a video game but we do ask you communicate as to why you will be joining late so again your teammates in your BG are aware and don't think you just don't care about the alliance or your team.

the last 4 weeks we have been hitting 200 Million on our weekly points. With this week our aim is for 225 Million.

In AW we are currently at Silver 1 and are trying with 2bgs to get to Gold 3 or even Gold 2. The reason we do 2bgs is we know that War burnout is real with how at times the game can disconnect, the nodes in War can be tricky or at times BS for lack of a better word so we try to take about 24 of the once 30 members to do War and rotate so each player can get about 1 to 2 days off during the 12 Wars within a Season. Now i do have some that have been in the alliance and don't like to War so they choose not to participate. For new Recruits I would highly appreciate them wanting to participate even if its just in 5 or 6 Wars to get the minimum Wars needed for Season Rewards but if you are willing and wanting to participate in every War that would be even better.

Here is a breakdown of how we run AQ: BG 1 does Map 5x5 with 2 days of Master Modifiers and Heroic Modifiers on day 3-5 although we are slowly over the next 3 weeks looking to Expand more Master Modifiers in Bg1 to help with both Honor Points and Bonus Points per day toward the Weekly Score. BG 2 is doing the exact same as BG1 map 5x5 with the same rotation of Master Modifiers and Heroic. BG 3 is currently doing Map 6x2 then Map 5x3 at least that was how it was rotated last week with no Modifiers as it was the first time that particular group of 10 worked together on Map 6 within this Alliance. This week we are doing Map 6x3, & Map 5x2 with Normal Modifiers for Map 6 and once they go back to Map 5 they will do Heroic Modifiers.

Now what I am looking for? I need a player that has a Decent Enough 5* or even 6* Roster to be able to do AQ and AW at the same time. Someone that is willing to be a Great Communicator with their teammates and be a good active member of the alliance and group but also be willing to have fun chats and banter back and forth with your teammates.

I want someone that is willing to put Team First before Solo Content. By that i Mean they are willing when AQ and AW are going on they will use their Best Champs for AQ Attack, AW Defense and AW Attack not hold back on the team to allow themselves to do solo content first. That is a selfish way to play within an Alliance and the Leadership of this Alliance does not appreciate that because it can and has in the past Hurt the alliance with Map Clears or AW wins. So Teamwork First before Solo Content Success.

I want someone that is willing to take on the Mini Bosses in the AQ Maps, Can Clear their paths in AQ and AW without much problem and is wiling to take their swings at Thanos in AQ and help clear the map but also someone that understands and realizes their own limitations and is not too proud to ask for Help if needed more so in AW because each death to an opponent can mean the difference between an AW Win or Lose and thus keeping us at a Silver 1 rank versus a Gold 3 or even Gold 2 rank by season's end. Whereas in AQ a ko can be corrected with a revive and a couple Health Potions in order to keep fighting in AQ to ensure a Map Clear of 100%.

Last thing i want someone that will not be rude toward other players in the alliance in our public chats. if you have a problem with anyone including an officer please Private Message an Officer or the Leader and talk about it and try and work it out. if it becomes that big of an Issue let the Leadership take care of it. We have had multiple occasions in our General Chat over the past 3 years where People have Blown Up in the chat and it has created a Toxic Attitude and Behavior within the Alliance that we do not want to promote within our Alliance.

Now here is what we don't Expect any player to do if they do not wish to do so.

We don't make Players upgrade certain Champs for Prestige like other alliance force players to do, Upgrade the champs you like using. We don't have Alliance Event Minimums such as having to put a standard amount of points in things like Item Use, X-Men Use, Avenger Use, Arena Combat and such. The only thing we try to do is hit the Minimum Level of Rewards and if that Means Player A, B and C have done 10k in points for example and Player D, E and F do 2k but others have done 3k to 6k and that allows us to Hit the minimum levels needed for some good rewards that is okay with us. of course we wouldn't want certain players to always carry others and become resentful toward Alliance Members but this is how we have done it for 3 years and it has worked pretty well for us with no complaints about it so far.

How a Player will get kicked out of the Alliance. if you are repeatedly not joining AQ within a timely manner each day. what constitutes a timely manner you wonder well it would be joining AQ within the first 4 to 5 hours of it being started. Now of course if you are in a Time Zone that you are asleep when AQ starts and can't join until you wake up which could be 7 to 9 hours into an AQ starting that is fine just let us know that so each teammate is aware that is how it is. But if you are in a Time Zone that you can join within the first few hours please do so because that only helps in getting a map cleared more efficiently with Energy use and helping out those others that make an effort to join in a timely manner.

So lack of Activity will be a quick way to get kicked. if you are not on the game within a 24-48 hour period without communication you will be kicked especially if through Line you have been messaged on multiple occasions with no response.

Making Simple Rookie mistakes over and over again like doubling up on a path in AQ or AW without communicating with the Player who is already on that particular Path. We want each player to take Accountability for their mistakes, own it, learn from it and not make it again.

Being Rude or overly Profane toward a member of the alliance no matter who it is, especially in the General Chat where every alliance member can see it. Again this is why I ask that if you have a problem with someone, Please either take it up with them Privately or with an Officer to handle and correct it, for the Betterment of the Alliance as a whole and to keep Alliance Harmony.

if you have any other Questions please feel free to reach out to me on the Line app my ID there is zbot34 and I will gladly answer any questions you may have. Thank you all for taking the time to read and hope to find someone that wants to join this Crew. Currently i have 29 members with only 1 open spot. I may have 1 or maybe 2 more spots open in the near future but I cannot guarantee that yet as those players are on a Probation period and if successful they will stay if not they will be let go.


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    Looking for 1 more player to join my alliance. I have a slot open. Please hit me up on line at zbot34
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