good news stories with T4CC trade in?

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I think I will be duping howard and diablo next couple of 5* crystals because I was actually silly enough to trade in class cats today.


I have been playing for 4 or so years, never played AQ until last week (solid map one player here) and don't do AW (I think we have participation in season 1 from one or two forays, currently rocking a 252 war rating) but basically a daily player.

My only source of T4CC has been calendars, shard crystals from EQ and any other ingame source that everyone can get up to 5.2

Despite the above I've managed to accumulate 2 maxed mystic 4* and somehow ended up with full inventory and 2 in the stash for mystic class, I also scored a mystic 5* from christmas last year.

Yes, I am kabammed on a regular basis when it comes to RNG (opening sentence describes my last two of three 5* pulls) but it's not all bad.

I needed one science cat to take a duped quake to R4, my 4* put in plenty of work since pulling her a week or so after the 6* boss rush when I just couldnt get through mephisto (quake, a week after it ended, kabammed!!) so a 5R4 would be nice and quake solves a lot of problems ingame.

Decided to trade in 3 mystic cats (cant sell them, wont use them, unless I get someone really good) and damn it, got my science cat!

So, even though its a terrible idea (I don't have hundreds of crystals to open) it worked out for me. I won't push my luck again though.

Share your tales with the T4CC trade in.


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