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Ghost bug

In act 6.4.2 boss fight
iPhone 6 latest ios



  • Ronny_Ronny_ Posts: 66
    Get hit while phasing 2 times
  • Hey there, would you be able to tell us what other Champions you had on your team, you had any other boosts active at the time, or if this happened more than once or anywhere else?
  • Ronny_Ronny_ Posts: 66
    magik fury ghost hood n glave (no boost) n happenwd once ( i reinstalled game )
  • WHOz_R4GEWHOz_R4GE Posts: 239 ★★
    Same issue just happened to me in AW. Was fighting IWIM was in middle of phase and he hit me instead of missing. Sent in the video to Kabam and I'm awaiting their feedback.
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