Mystic Awakening Gems

After completing 6.1 and exploring 5.4 I had about 4 AG Crystals. Out of 4 crystals, I pulled 3 Mystic Awakening gems. I awakened my SS and the other two have been collecting dust for some time. On the other side of things, 3/3 of my featured crystals from the sigil have been black widow back to back to back. My luck is beyond terrible where it's put my progression at a stand still for the game and I'm debating a break. Can we incorporate some sort of AG trade out like we do for the people who get stuck with 1/12 Cosmic T4CC while the other ones are full.
I'm stuck roster wise, the skill definitely isn't lacking.. and I know i'm not the only one struggling from this. I'd be willing to trade 2 of my mystic AG's for one of a different class.
Meanwhile dedicated and loyal people like me don't even want to continue playing, while some pull god tier after god tier.

And before you say longshot and mojo are new mystic champions, it's going to be quite some time before I pull them and have resources.

Awakening gem re-roll would be nice until the champion classes are balanced so accounts aren't completely halted progress wise.

It really really sucks to have put this much time in the game, and have no room for improvement because of bad luck.


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