USA-X is recruiting (chilled, AQ map 443 focussed alliance)

hey everyone
USA-X is currently in need for new members as we're down to 21 after disagreement with some of the members over the objectives of our alliance. We decided to part ways and a few of us left and set up a more advanced alliance that focuses more on AQ map 5 and AW...

So if you are:
- a semi-retired player who is looking for a low pressure alliance with cost free map 3 or 4 AQ and has no need to do AW
- a developing player with a total rating of around 150-200k who is still building their roster but can successfully complete a map 4 AQ path and is looking for advice from experienced players
- someone who would eventually like to take on the role of an officer and drive their BG to consecutive wins in AQ

Our objective is to complete AQ 100% for each BG and run AW 1BG for those who want to and have proper champs for defense.
we communicate via discord, but some of us also use line.

if interested hit me up on discord: @Capsicle#1355 or line ID: cptvee


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