Alliance War Season 16 Known Issues

Summoners, we are aware of some issues affecting Alliance Wars Season 16 at this time. The following are the issue we know of, and the actions we will be taking. This thread will continue to be updated as we have more information to share, so check back soon.

- Alliance War Season 16 War 5 - Some Alliances had an accelerated war, resulting in not being able to Place Defenders or complete an Attack Phase.
- There was still an hour left on the Enlistment counter when Matchmaking started, though Matchmaking started at the correct time.
- The Counter for the Alliance War Season show it ends a day earlier than it should.


To address the issue with War 5:
- Any Alliance that received a Loss or Tie for War 5 will be compensated with their War Rating returned.
- All Alliances that took Part in War 5 will receive Per War Reward Compensation (win/exploration rewards, unless you already received them).
- The Season Score for that war will be Removed from all Alliances.

More information on this and the other issues will be coming soon.


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