20Mil Adult Ally, LF 2 Players, AQ 5x5 with some Map 6, Silver 1 2BG War

I am looking for 2 Experienced players that have Map 5 and Map 6 experience. My Ally is currently doing Map 5x5 in 2 bgs and beginning Map 6x2 to Map 6x3 in another bg with finishing up with Map 5. Currently this season we are Silver 1 with just 2BGs and trying to reach Gold 3 by season end. We are wanting players that believe in Team Work over Individual Solo Content success. Because if the Alliance is Successful then the player will by result be successful too. If you want to know more about my Alliance please Hit me up on Line at zbot34. I am fairly quick at answering unless I am work and it is busy. I would like to find these 2 players before AQ starts up on Saturday. Look forward to hearing from anyone looking and having a good chat to see if we are a good fit for you and vice versa.


  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 280
    Lots of views but nobody interested man. Recruiting is hard these days. Still looking for 2 people to join to help with map 5
  • M_bakuM_baku Posts: 9
    Hi add me up on line if you still looking. Hulk_x
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