DocOc "Power Lock" FAILS in AWar? (Doom, Node #53)

KeepinItRealKeepinItReal Posts: 229
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I'm probably missing a description or interaction. Mods plz delete if "read the nodes" thing.Lol
In theory, figured Doc Oc could be decent counter vs Dr. Doom on node #53 Unblock SP2/200% P.gain MiniB. His "power lock" (which are p.gain & steal passive effects, not debuffs Awakened) never proc'd. (Yes, I do know how to use him) He gained power & destroyed me after clearing heal block from Parry at start with heavy or just normally intercepting w/0 BTs active. I dueled Doom before to confirm research couldn't be nullified & "p.lock" did work as usual. I'm wondering if maybe Doc Ocs p.drain/steal is registering as a "p.lock" debuff instead of passive effect & being shrugged by indestructible. Bulwark D.Tactic, so Doom could go "indestructible", but even if proc'd, he's still gaining power so passive p.drain/steal should work, right? I never saw "indestructible" regardless. Is it that, something else or maybe bc they're both Doctors it's professional courtesy to not use their abilities, but Dooms a rule breaker?Hmm

P.S. Figuring out how to use different champs/abilities vs node/champ combos are interesting & fun personally. Yet, recently the details (or missing) in the descriptions plus how accumulating buffs, debuffs, passive effects interact is more tiresome & time consuming. I feel like Doc Oc,...gotta do MCOC research to confidently learn & share correct information.


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