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My Notes and Thoughts from 6.4 Initial Completion!

jnikolas92jnikolas92 Posts: 192 ★★★
Hey everyone! As I've done for 6.3 and Abyss, I figured I'd go through my notes and experience with my first run through 6.4! Having had access to the 6.4 Beta (+ the Grandmaster Boss), I was lucky enough to have had a few months to look over my notes and plan out how I should attack the final chapter of Act 6. Fortunately, a few things on my account had been acquired/ranked up since the Beta

Notable Additions:

- 5* 4/55 Stealth Spidey (s95)
- 5* 5/65 Ghost (s134)
- 5* 5/65 Nick Fury (s20)
- 6* 2/35 Captain Marvel Movie (s82)
- 6* 3/45 Symbiote Supreme (s39)

R5 Ghost was easily the biggest addition to my roster for this, as I felt there was at least a path per quest that was Ghost friendly. As of 4 weeks before the 6.4 Release date, a few discord friends (shoutout to @Cat_Murdock , Astro and Snowy) I started a Battlechip save with the goal to get to 1 Million. This was a huge for motivation as I prepped my resources for the completion run. These were the resources I had going in:

- 7522 Units (1450 came from the 1 Million BC pop at the end)
- 32 Lvl 1 Revives (4.3.6 Venom quest was big for this)
- 21 Lvl 2 Revives
- 60~ Lvl 3 Potions (didn’t take much time to farm potions for this one)

- 10 Lvl 4 Potions (from Love Juice conversion)
- 6 30% Champion Boosts
- 4 15% Attack Boosts
- 5 25% Health Boosts

- > 8 each 150/200% Tech Power Boosts (over stashed these for sure, but they’re so powerful! Worth it)


Power Shield/Bane 2.50%/Limber

- 5*r5 Ghost (s134)
- 6*r1 Wasp
- 5*r2 The Hood (s40)
- 5*r5 Nick Fury (s20)
- 6*r2 CMM (s82)

Felt like Ghost would be great for this path since I remember the Bane damage being absolutely gnarly from the Beta, so Hood synergy should be key in mitigating the health drops. Brought CMM with Fury thinking I could ramp her to 25 Binary Charges before the Iceman boss for a nice blitz if needed. Ghost was queen as usual here. Need to be super mindful of the Bane timer since every tick is punishing, but once you get into that classic Ghost phase rhythm, you’ll be set for this path. No notable fights here, as it was all Ghost! I used a 200% Power Boost for this quest, not ideal since you gain way too much power back from the pumped up Power Shield sp2. Definitely showed my inexperience with Ghost with that decision.

Iceman boss was a solid 92% health off Ghost, followed by CMM on cleanup. Completely forgot to ramp up CMM but didn’t really matter in the end.


Long Distance Relationship/Aggression: Precision/Godslayer

- 5*r5 Ghost (s134)
- 6*r1 Wasp
- 5*r2 The Hood (s40)
- 6*r1 Doc Oc
- 5*r5 Magik (s200)

Another super Ghost friendly path here. LDR let me heal a ton throughout the path which was a nice bonus. Popped another 200% for this path, and the fights went smoothly. Only notable fight is Domino, had to be aware of her AAR blanking Ghost’s phase. Got hit once, but was able to heal the health back along the path.

Thor (Ragnarok) boss is a straight forward fight, can be done with anyone but I brought my two best Power Controllers along for the ride to make it as easy as possible. They definitely weren’t needed but I’m glad I brought them along. If you do bring Magik, remember that Thor Rag’s can auto block you while intercepting so wall locking him with backdrafts isn’t as effective. Spamming heavies along the wall is great though.


True Strike/Aggression: Cruelty

- 5*r5 Ghost (s134)
- 6*r1 Wasp
- 5*r2 The Hood (s40)
- 6*r2 Symbiote Supreme (s39)
- 6*r2 VTD

The nodes on this path were fairly simple with nothing much to worry about. I brought Symbiote Supreme for the Annihilus mini (No Retreat), and wanted to try VTD for Darkhawk. Normal buff spread for VTD (2 Regen, 4 Fury, 2 Power Gain, 2 Precision, 1 Perfect Block)

Only notable fight here was Annihilus. Even with an r3 Symbiote Supreme it was stressful, got through it ok but i’d understand if this fight scares a few people off. I’d like to point out that the Darkhawk boss was a LOT tougher in the Beta as he had Spiked Armor in addition to the nodes he has now. Spiked Armor cut down a ton of my potential counters, so I was thankful that the game team listened to the beta feedback on this one.

That being said…I wasn’t happy with the choices I made for this fight. Ghost did a solid job going in, taking a chunk and cycling through like that, and VTD did okay as well but I still felt underprepared for this fight and paid the price in having to use a few revives to get Darkhawk down. In the future, I’d like to try CMM, and hopefully pull a Human Torch. I should have tried Aegon as well, pushing Dawkhawk to Shield Mode and chipping him down. I’m sure a bunch of better solutions will come out in the future. Definitely let me know if you have any suggestions!


Energy Adoption: Fire/Hot and Bothered/Icarus

- 5*r5 Ghost (s134)
- 6*r1 Wasp
- 5*r2 The Hood (s40)
- 6*r3 Symbiote Supreme (s39)
- 5*r2 Heimdall (s20)

Hope that this combo of nodes supercharged Ghost, but slipped up a few times with my timing/sequencing and died to the degen ticks. I don't think I played this path very well, and paid for it with a few revives. Domino sewered me twice by cancelling my phase but no other notable fights on the path. Symbiote Supreme was for CMM, and was brilliant as expected. Not a solo, but he absolutely melted her down. Be aware of Close Encounters, and if you die be mindful of the charges she carries over from fight to fight!


Lionheart/Arc Overload/Mirror Image

- 5*r5 Ghost (s134)
- 6*r1 Wasp
- 5*r2 The Hood (s40)
- 5*r5 Captain America (s200)
- 5*r4 Stealth Spidey (s95)

Ghost’s DPS is a great counter to Arc Overload. Popped a 200% Power Boost for her so she could rip through some fat sp2’s. No notable fights here as she tore through them all! It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I brought CapIW and Stealthy for the Adaptoid. I remember this fight when it came out during the Heimdall/Korg/Red Skull EQ. I believe I was a month into being Uncollected and got wrecked time after time trying to get to UCEQ completion. Felt good to think back to that fight and appreciate how far my account has come since then! Almost pulled off the CapIW solo, but slipped while I had no kinetic charges and got kicked in the nuts. Stealthy came in for cleanup!


- 5*r5 Aegon (s200)

- 5*r1 Hela (s40)

- 5*r1 Angela (s20)

- 5*r2 Heimdall (S20)

- 5*r3 Nightcrawler (s20)

I knew that the paths here were designed to be fairly simple and straight forward. I knew the Cosmic path was great for ramping Aegon up, and saw that nothing had really changed there since the Beta. Got him to just over 300 in the combo meter by the time I got to the Grandmaster! The tiny Sentinels linked to the Grandmaster was new, and this one reduced the duration of his Infuriated state, while reducing the duration of his Wounded state in return.

Aegon was an absolute king for this fight. I knew I wasn’t likely to solo the fight from my experience with him in the Beta but felt like Aegon gave me the best chance at getting him down with the least amount of revives used. If you fail a little, you’ll still get some good damage through. And the fact that he crits almost every hit makes for some bonkers wounded phases. Have a few clips of him hitting 283k Mediums…just absurd. Got through the fight much cleaner than expected, and loved every phase of the fight. I brought Nightcrawler for that last phase(@1% Health). I didn’t realize that the final Infuriated timer would be cut so short with the linked node, but I was able to spam dex with Nightcrawler agains’t the wall in the Beta to cheese the phase. Just another potential solution for anyone who might have trouble wall dexing or chaining together intercepts!

A tweak was made for this phase from the beta as well, as an intercept would only take off the unstoppable for a split second. Seems like an intercept now takes off the unstoppable for a lot longer, which is definitely nice for the player.

I posted this elsewhere but I feel like it’s worth repeating:

This is easily the most fun fight/piece of content I’ve played in the game. I was able to test the initial Grandmaster fight in the Beta, and was extremely impressed right away. They made some cool tweaks and changes to the final fight we see today! I believe the quote the game team sent was “If Act 6 was the meal, 6.4.6 should be the dessert.” They absolutely nailed it with this one. This is the first time i’m actually excited to explore a quest in story mode!


No units spent! was super pumped about this, and even had a few revives left for whatever quest I tackle next! I continuously had a 30% champion boost on, and used 3 200% tech power boosts along the way. Really glad again to have a few of each still stashed for future content.

The Rewards:

- 25% T5CC Selector: Cosmic for 6*CMM (still have just under half to go)
- 2x 5* Featured Crystals: Drax….twice.
- 5* Nexus Crystal: Omega Red for a Max sig crystal which let me open 2 6*’s
- 6* Crystals: Omega Red and Gambit dupe (luckily I have a 6* Mutant Gem from Abyss!)

The Rank Ups:

- 6* Omega Red got an Awakening Gem and Rank Up gem
- 5* Hyperion and Colossus to rank 5

Thanks for taking the time to read through this! Best of luck to you if you’re planning on going through soon, and congrats to all those who finished Act 6! Too pumped to see what comes next.
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