Play at your own pace.

Are you a veteran player who is tired of the grind? Are you a newer player trying to learn how to make your way through the battlerealm? We're a 4+ yr old alliance that has gone into total non-competitive mode and we're looking for daily players who enjoy playing the game but aren't concerned with the more competitive aspects of it, such as AW and high tier rank rewards for SA.

AQ - We generally run 2BG during AQ. BG1 runs Map 4, BG2 runs Map 1 or 2. Our focus is for BG1 to clear and only want people to join who are going to check in enough to finish it. BG2 is for people who might not have the time to contribute enough to BG1, but can still get some Map 4 rewards. We do occasionally run Map 5 in place of Map 4, but not very often.

No donation requirements. Since the majority of our AQ activity revolves around free maps, we don't need your resources. Use them to improve your account.

No event requirements. We don't boot people because they don't grind arena or run up a high SA score. Contribute to events as best you can.

Must have Line. Yeah, Line can be annoying if you're in a super active alliance, but since that ain't us, our Line group is nice and chill. We use it primarily for communication during AQ and for basic chit chat.

No AW. We haven't done AW in over a year and don't intend on getting back into it. That said, if 10 people all want to participate in AW, an officer will start one up if enough people want to do it. Participation will never be mandatory though.

We want active/daily players. That said, things happen and life gets in the way sometimes. Gonna miss a day or a few days or even a week? No big deal. Communicate any long(er) term absences to alliance officers and it's all good.

Open to players of any level and skill set. Great for beginners who want to learn and also great for vets looking for a slower pace.

We're not for everyone. If you're looking for high tier rewards, rapid advancement, Map 6/7 and constant AW then we obviously aren't for you. But if you just want to have some fun playing this game with a group of fairly competent players and minimal alliance demands, hmu on Line (id: brewswayne).
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