Not being able to get Uncollected once you’ve hacked the game is unfair

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Almost 6 months ago I hacked the game. Kabam said they’d give me back my uncollected if I completed Chapter 3 but it took ages and they still haven’t. But now they’ve changed their ToS and now they’re telling me they won’t give it back. And don’t tell me to contact the support team cause they don’t even properly reply back. Also even if I become Cavalier I won’t be able to do stuff like go into Uncollected monthly event quests


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    Lol. This post made my day
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    Look, you shouldn't have hacked the game in the first place, it's against the terms of service, and is pretty much known to everyone. If you want to continue playing, make a new account and play without hacking, or continue to contact support if you want to continue to play on your account.

    You're not allowed to talk about bans on the forums, btw. You have to contact support if you want to contend a ban
  • These Forums aren't the place to discuss any actions which have been taken on individual accounts, including the removal of Titles which were gained through unconventional means. We don't have direct access to in-game accounts here in the Forums and are unable to help with account-specific issues like this.
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