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I think that most players are bored with AW/AQ and could do with a new type of alliance based quest, my proposal would be called

Basic idea: new quest every 2 weeks, lasts 2days, 1 boss to beat, battlegroups of 5, all must participate for victory!
This post will be broken up into 4 sections: Battlegroups, Boss, Rewards and Other important information

Battlegroups: battlegroups are auto-assigned based on total base hero rating of players, top 5 in BG 1, bottom 5 in BG6
If you don’t have as many players in your alliance Battlegroups may be left empty or partially full, to allow everyone an experience.

The Boss: the boss fight is very interesting as it has 2 new and interesting nodes:
1: ALL damage that would be dealt by a hit into a well timed block is reduced to 0 (no more pesky block damage)
2: a player can only do 20% of the bosses total health in one try, once they reach this limit they will be timed out (NO penalty will be given) if damage would be done beyond this point it is capped. You can only re-enter the fight in 1 hours time (this will allow everybody to have a go, meaning 1 guy can’t solo it and be done with the quest, it’s a TEAM effort)

The boss would be good old nameless Thanos. His PI will be calculated by taking the total PRESTIGE of the battlegroup X2.
(A BG of people with 5k prestige would come up against a 50K boss and a high tier group of maybe 12k prestige each would get a 120k boss)

Rewards: There are 3 types of rewards, Battlegroup rewards, cross battlegroup rewards and alliance rewards
1:Battlegroup rewards, if a battlegroup manages to beat the boss they will gain crystal shards based on AVERAGE PRESTIGE and the current WAR BRACKET of the alliance as a whole.
The average prestige of the BG would be divided by 2, then given in the form of X crystal shards. X would be based on the war bracket as follows:

Stone/participation: Premium shards
Bronze: 3* shards
Silver: 4* shards
Gold: 5* shards
Platinum: 1/2 5* shards 1/2 6* shards
Master: 6* shards
Master (top 10): 1.5X 6* shards.

Cross battlegroup rewards: The basic idea of these is catalysts, the more BGs that complete their bosses, the more rewards (also based on war bracket/prestige)
Take the average prestige of ALL the battlegroups that COMPLETE their quests multiply by the number of completed BGs then give that in the form of Y catalyst fragments (from crystals) based on War Bracket

1X= 1times the prestige 2X= 2times prestige and so on

Stone/Participation: 2XT2b and 1XT2cc
Bronze: 3XT3b, 1XT3cc
Silver: 3XT4b, 1XT4cc
Gold: 5XT4b, 3XT4cc
Platinum: 1/2XT5cc, 5XT4b, 4XT4cc
Master: 1.5XT5b, 5XT4cc,0.1XT5cc
Master(top 10): 1.5XT5b, 5XT4cc, 0.2XT5cc

Finally there is whole alliance rewards: if the whole alliance manages to beat the boss they will gain a reward based on their WAR BRACKET:

Stone/Participation: Premium hero crystal X3
Bronze: Ultimate Crystal X1
Silver: Legendary crystal X1
Gold: Legendary crystal X2
Platinum: 5* crystal X1
Master: 5* Nexus crystal X1 and 3000 6* shards
Master (top 10): 6* hero crystal

Other information: you can take in 5 champions, but only 1 can be used, the rest are only allowed for synergies and are LOCKED during the quest. You can select who you would like to use by placing them in the team in the very top tile, this could be outlined green or something for clarity.
You would be able to use the 4 ‘support’ champs in other quests as they will NOT be locked away, but the champ who you intend on using WILL be locked away from other quests.
YOU CANNOT QUIT THE QUEST!!! It functions like any other AW/AQ in that respect.
Potions used will be capped at 5! (Quest uses normal alliance health potions/revives)

I really hope that KABAM takes this into account as alliance mode is quite stale at the moment and despite the new season of AQ I worry it will get boring eventually so please give it a thought. The rewards and PI calculations are FAR from perfect so feel free to adapt them how you fell fit.

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