Will we get a response as to if the team are looking at the recent issue of game crashing

I am about to post my device details into the thread for IOS problems ref the game shutting down / crashing 6 and 7 times an hour but note there has been no recent response from the game team on existing postings reporting this issue. is it believed this problem is only effecting a low number of players / devices or is there actually a wide spread issue that is currently been investigated? Game is getting close to unplayable and every time it crashes in AQ or AW that’s half the champs health gone not to mention it records as a loss in AW as well.


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    Corby11Corby11 Posts: 170
    Make that 10-15 times an hour, can’t even do a full team of 3 in AQ now without it exiting the game
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    Kabam MiikeKabam Miike Posts: 8,270
    Please put your information in the Performance Issue threads at the top of the Bugs and Known Issues forum. This is not a widespread issue, so if it's occurring for a small group of people, we want to find out what the circumstances might be.
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