Alliance Wars Season 16 - Top 3000 After War 9


Alliance War Season 16 will be ending on March 25, but as we had mentioned in our in-game message, the Season rewards payout will be delayed up to one week after this as the Leaderboard is corrected to account for the War earlier this Season that encountered issues.

It is not possible for us to adjust the Season Score during the Season, as this poses some serious risks that we wish to avoid. This also means that your Alliance’s position on the Leaderboard is subject to change up until, and after, the Season has concluded.

To help Alliances most likely to be affected by these changes get a better sense of where they are placing right now, we have created an excel sheet with the scores for the Top 3000 Alliances. These are accurate as of the end of War 9 (finished on Tuesday between 11 am and 3 pm PST)

Google Sheet Version can be found here;

Excel Version is attached.
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