5.1 advice

could i have some advice for 5.1 I have just become conqueror and from brief scouts into 5.1.1 the nodes look much more complex and I am very intimidated any advice.
Currently close to a 5 star rank 4 unawakened hyperion and saving for willpower to mitigate flare. Hoping to do some really big yellow numbers with the 300% damage bonus and have great fun in 5.1.1but from what I have seen of seatin`s streams some of the later quests look very.....fun and interactive any tips


  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 10,812 ★★★★★
    Willpower won’t mitigate flare, it’s nit a debuff, for flare you want champions with high immediate damage or rogue or Claire who’s regen is based off damage
  • Erik_Killmonger1001Erik_Killmonger1001 Posts: 314 ★★
    why wont willpower mitigate flare?
  • DjinDjin Posts: 1,726 ★★★★★

    why wont willpower mitigate flare?

    Because it's a passive degen effect not a debuff effect. Willpower only works on debuff effects.
  • FabwiziFabwizi Posts: 677 ★★★
    To counter flare bring in big damage dealers or healers.
    Share you roster to better advice.

    Get in there, don't lose hope the ride is bumpy at the start of act 5 but it gets easier.

    Horde units for revives and portions.

    I have done cavalier with basic mastery setup no willpower or suacides.
  • Matty_IceMatty_Ice Posts: 274 ★★
    Flare also is less if you have class advantage. If you are about to have a R4 5* Hype it should be easy for you since flare gives you crazy damage output.
  • Erik_Killmonger1001Erik_Killmonger1001 Posts: 314 ★★
    Yes fair point
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