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Should PI (Prestige) be going down after ranking up your champians

After you rank up a champion their PI goes down a bit, especially if they’re awakened. Sure once you level them up it goes so high but I feel like this is a bug. Anyone else notices this?


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    Mrspider568Mrspider568 Posts: 2,000 ★★★
    Screenshot pls it never happened to me with my duped champs
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    Arham1Arham1 Posts: 435 ★★
    Yes. This actually happens. Though I have no idea why. @Mrspider568 you can see it in Seatin's latest video where he r3s Silver Surfer and Sunspot.
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    Arham1Arham1 Posts: 435 ★★
    Also, I don't think the prestige goes down. It's the PI that goes down.
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    Arham1Arham1 Posts: 435 ★★
    Okay. I got the answer.
    PI is based comparitively on the Attack and health, with some relation to rank. When you Rank up, say from 4-5, and the attack increases very insignificantly, say, from, 1500 to 1502. Same happens with Health. The ratio of rank 4 to the attack and health with result in a higher PI. But when the champion is ranked up, and the attack and health is not very noticeable, so the ratio of rank 5 to the attack and health results in a lower PI. Prestige is not the same as PI.
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