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Who to rank 5 65 as a 5*

I want to know who to rank up because I can’t decide

Who to rank 5 65 as a 5* 17 votes

Ghost duped
ege999menLvernon15MoudouAmazing_Demon05Envi1TheBestinTuakauSwarmOfRavens 7 votes
Nick Fury duped
ThatGuyYouSaw235MiStaLovaLion101NetbreakerJim_29pqsquared5099 5 votes
Corvus duped
Uncle_Fatty_247LnitiativeCapt_MunchDas_gicataclysm 5 votes


  • MoudouMoudou Posts: 151
    Ghost duped
    First time I see Ghost losing in a poll. I voted Ghost though, she is the only one I have and if u can play her, she is one of the best in the game, sooooo much fun too. I just finished exploring V3 because of Ghost
  • Das_giDas_gi Posts: 320 ★★
    Corvus duped
    All 3
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