My suggestion about aw

Rule to get rewards season from aw is at least you stay in alliance and participate at least 5 war. But sometimes the problem is occur like

- you get kicked on last minute in aw, make you not have enough time to have those rewards even tho moved to different alliance since not enough time

- when there's aw delay, which im sure not all alliance is generous to their member (or member messed up too bad) so people get kicked befor rewards come out
- ect

So im suggest that aw rewards is divided to every war in on season. For example if aw season have total 10 war, then aw rewards divided for 10 war (like back then you got your glory in aq every time aq is finish, so you dont have to wait 1week to collectively get your glory)

So this can minimize player get all or nothing rewards. And this kind of delayed thing wont bother player again Please consider this @kabam
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