Deadpool needs a buff, so here's an idea for you!


Offensive: Burst

Signature ability(Healing Factor):Whenever Deadpool finishes a combo with a Medium attack, he has a (lvl 1: 10%) (lvl 99: 45%) (lvl 200: 75%) chance to gain a healing factor charge. Activating a special attack will convert all charges into Regen passives each gaining (lvl 1: 1%) (lvl 99: 5%) (lvl 200: 7%) health over 10 seconds.

Heavy attacks: Pause the duration of 4th wall broken by 3 seconds. This cannot stack.

Finishing a combo with a light attack: finishing a combo with a light attack, Deadpool gains a Cracked passive. When Deadpool gains 10 Cracked passives, He gains a passive 4th wall broken buff lasting 15 seconds.

4th wall broken: While the 4th wall is broken, Deadpool either gains a random buff or inflicts a random debuff to his opponent every 2 seconds. The buffs and debuffs last until the 4th wall is no longer broken.{The buffs include: Regen(5%) Fury(10%) Power Gain(25% of Max power) Cruelty(+120) Armor Up(+350) and Unstoppable. Debuffs include: Petrify(25%) Bleed(75% of attack) Weakness(30%) Exhaustion(-150) Incinerate(75% of attack)
And Slow.

Special 1:Gain 2 stacks of Cracked.
While the 4th wall is broken, this attack gains +(50%) attack rating.

Special 2:Deals 3 Bleed debuffs dealing (180% of attack) as direct damage.
While the 4th wall is broken, convert all buffs on deadpool to prowess buffs increasing special attack damage by 25%. These buffs last for 10 seconds.

Special 3:Deadpool gains a Frenzy buff, increasing his Attack by (75%) and causing attacks against him to activate an unstoppable buff lasting 2 seconds.
If the 4th wall is broken, the duration of it is refreshed.

"4th wall breakers"(Gwenpool, Deadpool) Deadpool: 4th wall broken starts paused for 3 seconds. Gwenpool: bleed debuffs last 1 second longer.
"My Boy Spidey"(Deadpool, Spider-Man(classic)) Deadpool: while fighting a spider-verse champion, all 4th wall debuffs linger for 2 seconds after the 4th wall is closed. Spider-Man(classic): light attacks have a 10% chance to inflict a non-stacking weakness debuff on the opponent reducing their attack by 25%.
"Healing factors"(Deadpool, Wolverine, Wolverine X-23, Old man logan)
Deadpool: when reaching 25% health, gain a Regen buff healing 25% of max health over 10 seconds. Wolverine, Wolverine X-23, Old Man Logan: Regen buffs are 10% more potent.


  • KeepinItRealKeepinItReal Posts: 117
    I 100% agree, Deadpool needs a long overdo buff. Since he's featured alot in Quests "story telling" & the Valentines Day Event,...he should get some love himself. #BuffDeadpool
  • MaesterAegonMaesterAegon Posts: 32
    Is this for Red Deadpool?
  • MysteryMaestroMysteryMaestro Posts: 20

    Is this for Red Deadpool?

    Yes, I'll have to think of some abilities for X-force as well.

  • Ya_Boi_28Ya_Boi_28 Posts: 689 ★★
    Very nice...
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