Top 15 alliance looking for skill high prestige players

12.4 million alliance looking for 1 maybe 2 skill players must have 3 r4s or 2 r4 with 4 t2 alphas . Top 15 in aq every 2 weeks and top 35 in our down week with 1 map6 total of 6 t4ccs a month. Tier 1 in aw right now 2300+ since rebuild was 2700 rating 2 months back we be top 3 in aw soon you must finish your lane if the win is possible there's some leeway here when it comes to aw but if we say kill we kill .. only looking for skill players that can handle day 3 map 6 .. pm me if interested. fbfa5apl9a15.png

Pic is one day of map 6 our down week ... we get top 15 every 2 weeks
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