Ægon and Proxima synergy not working

Using Ægon and Proxima should give you a combo shield. Fighting Hyperion in 6.2.6, he got to an SP3 and I died. Went to revive amd noticed the 80 hits that should've been added to his carry over weren't there. In the past losing a fight didnt affect this. Does it now?


  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,232 ★★★
    Please note that I have no personal experience with this particular synergy, but I can take a stab at what's going on.

    Typically, you take a hit, then thanks to the synergy you take damage and trigger a combo shield simultaneously, then you can proceed with the fight as normal.

    However, Special 3 Attacks work slightly differently. As noted on the pause screen during an L3, all buffs/debuffs are paused during an L3. This means that now the L3 is triggered, you begin taking hits. The combo shield only gets a chance to trigger once you regain control since it's not allowed to trigger during the L3 animation. This means it only triggers if you survive. If you die from an L3, there is no combo shield, so the hits drop your combo to zero before kicking you out to the champ select screen.

    This is all assuming you die as a result of the L3 attack.
  • JMORG1111JMORG1111 Posts: 55
    I agree. The reason I posted though was because it isn't working as written. If it must work that way fine, but it would be the second time I've found issue with Kabam descriptions not matching its function. It gets old.
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