Looking for 2 550k+, 5x5, tier 7/6 players after aw season rewards

We easily acheive 160M+ in AQ. We are in G1 this AW season. It is common for us to reach 500k+ SA. Line is required. Low donations that are due every Saturday to cover the cost of the AQ are required.

We are looking for some one 550k+ total base hero rating to keep our war diversity up with unique 5 star rank 3 (or better) defenders. And use 5 star r3 (or better) in AQ.

USA time zone is required. Uncollected is required but Cavalier and/or Elder's Bane prefered. For AQ we are looking for some one to do a 5x5 rotation. For AW we are looking for some one who can do tier 7/6 with minimal deaths.

We are a very organized alliance that values participation and communication. We are focused on AQ and AW. We understand real life happens at times and can work around people's schedules with advanced notice.

Please contact Fleadiddy through line for full details.
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