I had a small issue with moleman epic got slight wrong rewards

007md92007md92 Posts: 492 ★★
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I couldn't take a screenshot on that moment.
But epic 100% should give 300 6 star shards.
I got 225 shards. I forgot to take a screenshot. If someone find that same issue. Let me know. Thank you.


  • Patchie93Patchie93 Posts: 1,620 ★★★★
    Your only supposed to get 225 for exploration.
    75 from quest
    150 from total.

    Anyone who got 300 did a line that had 75 6* shards as their last line
  • 007md92007md92 Posts: 492 ★★
    Yeah my bad. U supposed to get the first 150 when u complete the entire thing with complition.
    Completely went out of my mind.
    Slight carelessness on my part.
    No worries. Everything is fine.
    Nice event.
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