Which Science Champion To Add?

I'm looking for input and advice on which of the following Science-Class Champions to upgrade for Act IV and beyond plus why that Champion should be prioritized over others? Note that all Champions are not yet Awakened.

Which Science Champion To Add? 6 votes

AntMan 4-Star
Captain America Infinity War 4-Star
Thecrusher_9756DonnymeijEtjamaEinfachSoUniversalGamingFabwizi 6 votes
Invisible Woman 4-Star


  • UniversalGamingUniversalGaming Posts: 402 ★★★
    Captain America Infinity War 4-Star
    Definitely CapIW, he has tons of utility once duped and even without the dupe he's great
    Utility includes:
    Countering Unstoppable
    Regen and Power reversal
    Shrugging off debuffs
    High damage sp2/sp3
    High block profiency
  • SupperHero4SalesSupperHero4Sales Posts: 24
    I'm amazed at all of his Synergy potential without even looking through possible External Synergies too. Also, I was unaware that he could counter Unstoppable although I am a fan of Perfect Block with select Defense Masteries reducing 100% of all Damage.

    While my Yellow-Jacket whom is 5-Star (Non-Awakened) is truly amazing with Poison Sting often becoming Critical whenever an opponent activates their Special Attack; I need a strong alternate for when any top-tier Champions are busy with Alliance Quests and such.
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