AQ Battlegroup 2 Doom not dying

Malthael_4Malthael_4 Posts: 4
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Hey folks, anyone else run into this weird issue where once you defeat, Doom, he comes back with more health than when you had originally fought him?

I fought Doom when he had 30% health with a havoc that had like 60% health. I defeated him, got zero points (weird) then when I was back on the aq screen I saw that Doom hadn't died and instead had more health than when I had fought him (he was up to 80%) and my havoc was back with 60% health again. It's like the fight never happened and on top of that somehow Doom got more health.


  • Suman_sahASuman_sahA Posts: 393
    this thing is happening in side quest also... they will fix these bugs after the side quest expire (remember they fixed black widow quest that she regened more even u tried heavy in the last when the quest got expired)... KEEP USING REVIVES & POTIONS BUT DONT ASK FOR FIXING THESE, BE WITH IT...
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