A Variant or Special Quest with Limitless Damage Potential

I've recently completed all content in the game. I quite enjoyed abyss and act 6.4, especially the grandmaster fight. One thing I think would be really fun in the game is to release a variant, or some special quest, that is for champions with crazy high damage output and no caps or nodes that make it impractical to reach the high level of damage (no 1% evade chance, for example). Especially with the release of Storm (Pyramid), and other great champions like namor, sunspot, guillotine 99, proxima, and more, who can do insane amounts of damage, it would be immensely satisfying to have a specific variant or some special quest that allows us to really see the full potential of these champions. Insane health pools. No crazy nodes. Just go in and wreak havoc (pun intended :) ). The last variant was fun in how it required different star levels for completion (minus the blunder of requiring a specific 1* champion for a couple of lanes in the final chapter). Notwithstanding, it allowed us to dust off some digital dust on champions rarely used. Why not create a special challenge that requires specific high damage output champions to complete. This would be insanely fun and finally give a reason for some of said champions' existence.
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