Is an unduped Omega Red good?

JessieSJessieS Posts: 113
Just opened a four star one and I was wondering if I should invest in him or wait till I dupe him?


  • JessieSJessieS Posts: 113
    I don’t have suicides. Is he still worth it in either quests, arenas war and so on.
  • PsyLifePsyLife Posts: 296
    Yes, if damage is not what you are seeking. His mediums do not make contact, he has a lot of regen, and his sp2 can still trigger sone damage.
  • NerdNerdNerd1NerdNerdNerd1 Posts: 222
    w/o suicides NO. with suicides. YES
  • B_Dizzle_01B_Dizzle_01 Posts: 1,472 ★★★
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