Remove 3* from all variants of Cavalier Crystals

This has been a long time coming but its pretty obvious now that 3* should get removed from Cavalier crystals. If your following a pattern of Premiums not having 1* champions because they become irrelevant after some time of story content, then GMC not having 2* champions because they become 100% irrelevant in act 5 and now Cavaliers which for some reason still have 3* champions even though 3-4* champions cant be used at all in act 6. Im only not saying 4* should get removed because they are still a good way to get 5* shards and a great way to get ISO-8 for players with a small 5* roster. So Kabam, REMOVE 3* from Cavs or at the minimum reduce there drop rates so you dont have a 50% chance to get a 3*!


  • frunderfrunder Posts: 62
    This makes sense but if they didn't have 3 stars then the resources or shards would be to much.
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