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Maze 2.0 - Please consider a point of view of one endgamer.

gp87gp87 Posts: 302 ★★★
I understand that the 90% of people haven’t done all the content.
But after you have done everything challenging 100% (AOL, act 6 100%) game seems a bit boring.
Every month new players come out and we want to try them and there are 2 contents that we can : rol (tired of those fights - easy defenders nowdays), lol (not also intresting on red hulk & star lord) and aol (hit cap is a problem).

So , what if kabam should create a permanent content like maze: with the hardest defenders , normal health pools ( <1 million) and the option to refresh those defenders every 6 months.

It would be perfect nothing game changing just a content that we can have fun and olay the game we love without waiting new content like act1: the union.

Thanks for reading this guys,
Keep up the good work.
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